Strategies to Find Meaning and Passion

3 min readMar 1, 2024


Uncover Your Life’s Purpose.

Living a life devoid of purpose can make every day feel like a drag, especially when stuck in a job that doesn’t bring joy. It’s never too late to break free from the mundane and discover your life’s purpose. Even if you’re past the age of 30, there are techniques that can guide you towards a more fulfilling life.

Personal Experience:

Reflecting on my recent experience, I found myself in a job that seemed promising on paper but turned out to be far from fulfilling. Constant comparisons and unanswered questions led me to realize that life shouldn’t be lived in such dissatisfaction. Recognizing my worth, I decided to leave and embark on a journey to discover my true purpose.

Living with Excitement and Happiness:

Living your life’s purpose can infuse it with excitement and happiness. The journey towards uncovering your purpose is a transformative experience, and there’s still time to find it, regardless of your age.

Techniques for Discovering Your Life’s Purpose:

  1. Write it Down:

Grab a notebook and pen, and write ‘My Life’s Purpose’ at the top. Let your thoughts flow freely onto the paper, even if they seem trivial or negative. The meaningful insights will emerge amidst the mental clutter, often bringing tears when you stumble upon something truly profound.

  1. Last Year of Your Life:

Imagine spending the last year of your life. What activities would bring a mix of joy and meaning? Identify those meaningful activities as potential indicators of your life’s purpose.

3. Childhood Dreams:

Reconnect with your childhood dreams. Did you aspire to be a doctor, an animal trainer, or engage in something that brought you genuine excitement? Revisiting these childhood aspirations can provide valuable clues to your life’s purpose.

4. Volunteer:

Explore volunteer opportunities aligned with your interests. Contributing to others can offer a mental break from personal challenges and reveal aspects of your life’s purpose.

5. Save the World Mission:

If tasked with saving the world, how would you contribute? Identify a world problem that resonates with you and consider how you could make a meaningful impact, even through small steps.

6. Ask Yourself:

Find a quiet space, preferably outdoors, and ask yourself, ‘What is my life’s purpose?’ Listen intently for the answers until you resonate with one that feels true to you.

7. Identify Your Talents:

Recognize your natural talents and seek the opinions of others. Understanding what you excel at can provide valuable insights into potential life purposes.

8. Passion Without Pay:

Consider what you would willingly do without payment. How do you spend your free time? Imagine turning a passion into a profession, doing something you love for a living.

9. Imaginary Saturday:

Envision a Saturday where your usual routine is disrupted. What activities would you engage in if the familiar were not an option? Consider incorporating these activities into your life now.

Break free from the rut and take charge of your life’s course. Discovering your life’s purpose requires effort, but the passion and anticipation it brings are worth it.

Begin the journey today, and you’ll be glad you did.




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