Getting GOOD

I have the MOST amazing life. I have not felt this good in a super long time. I wake up to the most beautiful sunrises, I have no worries, and I am simply loving life. To be honest? With ALL that we have gone through, it is been AWESOME to finally be in full authentic happiness. We are healthy, happy, and my opportunities are non-stop. I literally wake every morning counting my blessings. I am super grateful for all that we have.

We lost everything, twice, so really grateful for now.

The sun started rising around 6. Now? My house glows with beautiful sun rays! Pups are snoring and the buzz of the fan whizzes around. The birds are softly cooing and life? Life has woken! Windows are open and a cool breeze flows through.

There is something magical about today. I feel lifted high. I feel grateful. I have a full heart filled with love ready to share. I am in a place in my life where “building” is optional but this peace? It’s definitely not optional. It’s a requirement. I know what I want and have the will to get there.

I know what needs to be cut out of my life. Eventually, everything that is no longer needed will shed itself. Maybe getting fully off of Facebook?!

my focus? Travel. My life is beautiful and I want to enrich it. I can choose my destination. Then? Go! I have no reason not to. No burdens to carry. No husband to hold me back. I am free and will stretch my wings as I wish.

My, my! Isn’t that a powerful feeling?

Growth? Oh yeah.

I have a goal.

Now? Working on things to make it happen like my Etsy store. My radio show will now have a fee. My YouTube channel will grow. My blogging? Will become more consistent.

Today? A short day in the Petri dish. I am looking at medical schools to visit on our way up to Maine, plotting our course north, wondering if I’ll find a place to work for a few weeks just because, and cooking a fab dinner tonight. How wonderfully wonderful is that?

Life? It’s goooooood!

Recommended oil? dōTERRA Passion® Oil

“Transcend the trivial with the doTERRA Passion Inspiring Blend as you rekindle feelings of excitement, passion, and joy.”

Good work today!!!!

Until next time………..

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Rustie MacDonald

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