Environmental Stress

Your workplace and home are places you spend a lot of time. Therefore, if those environments are set up to cause you conflict, this can add to your stress levels.

For instance, if you live or work in a cluttered area, you will spend a good portion of your time looking for items. This takes away from more important things, like spending more time with family at home! It can also cause conflict with getting more work done at the office. If you don’t have good organization skills, its time to learn! This can be a great first step in reducing some of the stress in your life.

There are companies that are paid big money to help reorganize your life! There are countless Youtubers who create videos and DIYs on this very subject. From Dollar Store thrifts to full-out GLAM, you CAN do this. There are no excuses NOT to get organized! The other FULL on WIN with decluttering your space? You get RID of all that unused, unneeded crap you have gathered!!

It's not a bad thing to donate!

It's not a bad thing to PURGE!!

I have a HUGE pile of legal documents, PI reports, abuse journals, eye witness testimonies from 11 years of my Ex bringing me to court. I need all of those docs to complete two new books BUT do I actually need the papers? Nope. I am busy scanning each doc in and have a backup server for all of those PILES that are consuming my guest closet. This has helped me heal, helped me organize, and help me to be free as I don't have the constant reminder of what a scary time my daughter and I lived through.

To have full and complete access to your life, tools, and SPACE is freeing on so many levels! BUT don't get stuck learning how to revamp your space! It can be daunting! So, take some tips and tricks and move quickly. Or those ideas will just add to your clutter and overwhelm you even more.

Like any industry, design has its fair share of fads. Consider the Feng Shui movement that was so popular a few years ago. It seems to have completely disappeared. This adds fuel to the detractors.

Another factor is an individual’s tolerance for stress. Some people can handle it well while others can only handle minor amounts. For those who can handle a large amount of stress, the environment surrounding them isn’t going to make much of a difference. While a well-designed environment may help them to some degree, they can work or live in just about any surrounding.

Ask a friend and family to help!! That will speed things up for you. Also? start listing what kinds of things you NEED to fully live? I am a bookshelf junkie as I am gifted with books from all over the world. So, I need an office that is more like a library. I also need to inspire myself so my wall art and awards are really important to keep me focused.

What helps you refocus? What will keep you going! THAT'S how to begin!!!

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