If you’ve ever felt that whatever you were doing felt just right, that you were in the moment, then you know what it’s like to live in tune with your deepest desires. Living with purpose means that you are aligned with your inner authenticity. Now science has shown that living with purpose doesn’t just help you reach your goals. It can actually improve your physical, mental, and emotional health. Here are four ways of living with purpose that has been shown to improve your health.

Physical Health Benefits:
Living with purpose has been shown to have a surprising range of benefits…

Maybe you’re working hard to achieve your dream life. Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur, or aiming for promotion, or trying to get your business off the ground. If you’re finding success a bit of a struggle, maybe you need to find your life’s purpose to lift you above the pack and change your mindset from struggle to success.

Finding your purpose is like finding a magic key to help you align everything you do and focus on getting to your best life now. Here are five steps to help set you in the right direction.

1. Look Within:
Too many people look…

Some people seem to be born knowing what they want in life. They find their passions or their talents early and just know to go after them. If you’re struggling to work out what is you really want to do with your life, don’t give up.

There are some simple questions you can work through to discover your life’s purpose. While it’s important to give each question proper consideration, try not to agonize over your responses. Allow your Inner Child and your intuition to guide your answers, and don’t forget to think big! …

There is a fundamental element of succeeding in business that may not be top of mind for you. But if you want to zoom past your competitors, you need to have a very clear vision of why you’re investing yourself in your business. What is it that makes you leap out of bed in the morning, raring to go?

If it’s not clear to you exactly how living purposefully can impact on your business, consider these benefits that have been identified by business experts.

  1. Living With Purpose Helps You Stay in the Game:

No one is going to pretend that…

Take a moment to check in on your life satisfaction. You might have a great career, a successful business, and a loving, supportive network of family and friends. But if you don’t know your life purpose, you’ll still feel that there’s something not quite right. Living an authentic, purposeful life has been shown to make you happier and healthier. Scientists have even found it can help you live longer!
If contentment and fulfillment are eluding you, try some practical ways to find your life’s purpose.

1. Hone in On Your Passions:

If you have trouble thinking of your passions, have…

Finding your purpose can be the big thing that changes your life. It’s not a magical cure-all for the things that maybe are not so good in your life right now, but it can turn your attitude, your motivation, and your energy right around. It can be the secret sauce that helps you make those major shifts to upgrade your life and help to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Here are four ways your life can change, once you commit to making your own roadmap to your best life.

  1. You’ll Have Abundant Energy

When you know your life…

Meditation is something that we’re constantly being encouraged to use. Every self-help guru, every highly successful individual, and even many athletes trumpet its many benefits, and the research seems to back up its value.

So why don’t more people practice it?

If you are anything like me? I have many squirrels in my mind, jumping around like 4-year-olds sugared up and on a trampoline! Meditation? AH!

The main problem for most of us is that Meditation seems rather daunting, obtuse, and complicated. Meditation is ultimately about reaching enlightenment and inner peace right? Sounds a bit heavy for a Friday evening…

Mindfulness is the practice of ‘getting out of your own head’ and of simply being rather than constantly thinking, worrying, and stressing. While mindfulness is a common part of many meditative practices, it is also an integral part of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). More specifically, mindfulness is used for ‘cognitive restructuring’ which is an aspect of CBT concerned with the ‘reprogramming’ of thoughts.

How Cognitive Restructuring Works:
The idea behind cognitive restructuring is to deconstruct a patient’s beliefs, thought patterns, and feelings regarding certain matters in a bid to improve mental health.

Imagine what it might be like to be an animal such as a squirrel. A squirrel doesn’t have worries about the dynamics of their workplace, about debt, or about their relationships. Squirrels don’t have their head in the clouds daydreaming about what might be… They don’t have regrets and they don’t have delusions. Or Do they?

Instead, a squirrel simply experiences the world as it is. Hyperreal across all the senses, squirrels simply take in the world around them as it happens and react on a dime.

This is something that a lot of people aspire to, as they believe…

Mindfulness is a term that gets thrown around a lot at the moment and is often hailed as some kind of ‘solve all’ for every kind of problem under the sun. Mindfulness is part self-help technique, part clinical tool, and has lately grown to spawn countless e-books, courses, and evening classes. But what precisely is it and how do you define it?

Mindfulness: An Explanation

Boiled down to its essence, mindfulness is the observation of one’s own thoughts and emotions. In other words, it means stepping back and then simply being aware of what you’re feeling, what you’re thinking and…

Rustie MacDonald

Rustie shares her personal journey through severe poverty, rape, abuse, & homelessness in a light-hearted way. Her radio Show: blogtalkradio.com/rustie

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